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Veritas CommandCentral Storage


Veritas CommandCentral Storage provides centralized visibility and control across physical and virtual heterogeneous storage environments. CommandCentral Storage lays the foundation for optimizing your data center by providing you a single view of the full storage stack from application to spindle. By enabling storage capacity management, centralized monitoring and application to spindle mapping, CommandCentral Storage software helps improve storage utilization, optimizes resources, increases data availability, and reduces capital and operational costs.

Key Features

  • Understand the current state of the storage infrastructure from application to spindle.
  • Implement prudent storage capacity management practices.
  • Enable proactive application monitoring.
  • Transform storage operations based on pre-defined policies.
  • Align storage operations with business objectives.

Key Benefits

  • Visibility of the entire data path from the application to the spindle in physical and virtual server and storage environments, helping to ensure optimal performance and availability of business critical applications.
  • Identification of wasted space across enterprise storage and improved utilization allowing for better capacity planning and reducing expenditures.
  • Applying quality of service policies to the entire data path and providing administrators complete visibility of the relationship between applications and their resources.
  • Build organizational transparency by helping identify data ownership.

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