Virtual Storage Platform

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform combined with Hitachi Command Suite management software transforms the data center, making IT more agile:

  • The only 3D scaling storage platform designed for all data types
  • The only storage architecture to flexibly adapt data storage infrastructures for performance, capacity and multivendor storage, which optimizes return on storage assets
  • Data mobility to reduce business impact when adapting to change
  • Highly efficient design for top performance and capacity combined with lowest power and cooling requirements
  • Unique dynamic tiering for data mobility across virtual storage tiers for block, file and content data
  • More reliable, thanks to leading data protection and high availability capabilities
  • More dynamic, because data placement and the addition of resources is automated
  • More open, due to support for a wide variety of operating systems, data types, storage and server environments

3D scaling delivers a storage environment that is more reliable, dynamic and open.

3D Scaling Allows for Optimal Infrastructure Growth in All Dimensions

  • Scale up to meet increasing demands by dynamically adding virtual storage directors, ports, cache and capacity to a control chassis. This provides the highest performance for both open and mainframe environments.
  • Scale out to support increased demand in virtualized server environments by dynamically combining multiple control chassis into a logical system with shared resources. Scaling out ensures safe multitenancy and quality of service through partitioning of cache, ports and access control based on resource group.
  • Scale deep to extend storage value by dynamically virtualizing new and existing external storage systems, and extending the advanced functions of the Virtual Storage Platform to multivendor storage. Scaling deep involves offloading less demanding data to external tiers in order to optimize the availability of Tier One resources.

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