Universal Storage Platform VM


Hitachi Universal Storage Platform VM blends enterprise-class functionality with a smaller footprint to meet the business needs of small enterprises and fast growing midsized organizations. Universal Storage Platform VM also supports distributed or departmental applications in large enterprises.

For the first time, smaller organizations can enjoy the same benefits as large enterprises in deploying and managing their storage infrastructures. Powered by Hitachi Universal Star Network™ crossbar switch architecture, USP VM delivers proven and innovative controller-based virtualization, logical partitioning and universal replication. It supports open systems and mainframe environments in a rack-mounted storage services platform.

USP VM is the industry’s highest reliability and availability storage solution. It is backed by a set of storage and data services that include thin provisioning with Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning software, application centric storage management and logical partitioning. The result is simplified, unified data replication across heterogeneous storage systems.

USP VM packages and delivers critical services such as:

  • Virtualization of storage from Hitachi and other vendors into one pool
  • Thin provisioning through Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning for nondisruptive volume expansion
  • Security services, business continuity services and content management services
  • Load balancing to improve application performance
  • Nondisruptive dynamic data migration from Hitachi and third-party storage systems

USP VM lets you deploy applications within a new framework, fully leverage-and add value to-current investments, and closely align IT to your business objectives.


  • High performance with 1.2 million I/Os per second (IOPS), 13.3GB/sec  aggregate internal bandwidth
  • Scalability for up to 96PB of total storage capacity under management, including up to 105.7 of Fibre Channel (FC) internal storage or 236.3TB of SATA internal storage
  • Flash drives for exceptional performance of certain types of business critical applications
  • Encryption of data at rest for internal storage
  • Up to 8 Virtual Storage Machines that ensure application quality of service (QoS) by enabling logical partitions and dedicated cache, ports and internally and externally attached capacity
  • Multiplatform connectivity that delivers up to 48 Fibre Channel, 24 IBM® ESCON® and 24 IBM FICON® host ports and network attached storage (NAS)
  • Virtualization of internally and externally attached storage from Hitachi, EMC, IBM, Sun, HP and other manufacturers
  • Hitachi Dynamic Provisioning software for thin provisioning of internal and virtualized external storage
  • Nondisruptive movement, copy and migration of data between storage environments, including those of other vendors, without interrupting the application
  • Universal replication across heterogeneous platforms for open and mainframe environments
  • Storage based failover
  • Active workload balancing and tuning
  • Multi-protocol consolidation with Fibre Channel (FC), IBM FICON and ESCON and network-attached storage (NAS)
  • Single-pane-of-glass management with Hitachi Command Suite software
  • Powered by the fourth-generation Universal Star Network™ crossbar switch architecture
  • Rackless option available

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