Sun Unified Storage

Industry leading performance, manageability, data protection and affortability


Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage Appliance product line delivers leadership value for organizations using unified storage to implement cloud computing, virtualization, fixed-content serving, data-protection and storage-consolidation environments. The product line enables the rapid deployment of new revenue-producing applications and lowers expenses by reducing storage complexity and its associated administrative costs.


  • Simplified storage administration with the industry’s most comprehensive and intuitive storage analytics and browser-based management
  • Improved datacenter efficiency and lower costs with industry-leading unified storage density
  • Simplified storage deployments with file and block I/O consolidated onto a single high-capacity, high-performance storage appliance
  • A rich suite of integrated data services and storage management software included at no extra cost
  • Improved data protection with industry-leading error detection and self-healing technologies that reduce the risk of data loss and system downtime


The Sun ZFS Storage Appliance product line combines industry-leading performance, density, and storage analytics with an innovative storage architecture and unparalleled ease of deployment and use.

  • #1 unified storage management environment: one-third easier to manage than competitive solutions
  • #1 storage analytics environment: Most powerful, intuitive, visual solution
  • #1 use of DRAM and Flash caches to accelerate data access: Transparent access to up to 6.7TB of fast-access media in Hybrid Storage Pools
  • #1 efficiency for primary storage: Only solution with both inline deduplication and inline compression
  • Most powerful unified storage controllers: Enables concurrent utilization of multiple data services
  • Industry’s best TCO with up to one-third less CAPEX and OPEX

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