Sun Blade 6000 Virtualized Multi-Fabric 10 GbE M2 Network Express Module


Simplifies Networks and Lowers TCO: Oracle’s Sun Blade 6000 Virtualized Multi-Fabric 10GbE M2 Network Express Module provides cost-efficient, virtualized 10 GbE access with zero management overhead to meet the needs of demanding enterprise workloads.


  • Enterprise application environments
  • Infrastructure applications such as Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g
  • Single instance and clustered databases


  • Embedded network virtualization with zero management overhead
  • Simplified datacenter infrastructure with 10:1 cable reduction
  • Configuration flexibility for no-hassle heterogeneous consolidation
  • Simple, hot-swappable design for reduced application downtime
  • Lower TCO with zero management and low energy consumption

Key Specifications

  • Two virtualized 10 GbE uplinks shared by all blades in the chassis
  • Dedicated 10/100/1000 Mb/sec Ethernet port per blade
  • Hot-plug operation in the Sun Blade 6000 chassis
  • Full-featured Oracle single system management software

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