SPARC Enterprise M5000 Server

Scalable and mission-critical server for enterprise applications


Oracle’s SPARC Enterprise M5000 midrange server delivers high scalability, mission-critical RAS, and advanced virtualization in a compact 10RU space. The ability to mix generations of processors provides excellent investment protection.


  • ERP, SCM, and CRM deployments
  • BIDW databases, datamart, decision support systems
  • Collaboration
  • System and network management


  • Up to eight high-density SPARC VII+ quad core processors increase performance
  • 100% SPARC/Solaris binary compatibility for unmatched investment protection
  • Mission-critical RAS capabilities ensure uptime even with failed components
  • Built-in, flexible virtualization technology at no additional cost
  • Mix and match several generations of processors in a single system
  • Add capacity without forklift upgrades for extended system life

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