SPARC Enterprise M3000 Server

Mission-critical computing at entry-level prices


Oracle’s SPARC Enterprise M3000 server delivers mission-critical reliability, availability, and serviceability in a 2RU footprint. The affordable, single-processor server is part of a product family that scales to 64 processors.


  • Business intelligence
  • Database
  • Data mining


  • Affordable, mission-critical reliability in a single-CPU, 2RU form factor
  • Powered by the new SPARC64 VII+ processor, ideal for single-threaded workloads
  • 100% SPARC/Solaris binary compatibility for unmatched investment protection
  • Mission-critical RAS capabilities ensure uptime even with failed components
  • Easy to integrate into existing infrastructure and scales as needs grow
  • Save on hardware, service, and power costs by upgrading from legacy UltraSPARC IIIi servers

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