Data Domain DD800 Appliance Series

Deduplication storage for large enterprise data centers


The Data Domain DD800 series is qualified with all leading enterprise backup software and archiving applications and easily integrates into your existing storage infrastructure without change for either data center or distributed office data protection.


Scalable Systems   Inline deduplication to reduce storage requirements an average of 10-30x – protects up to 14.2 petabytes of logical capacity in a single system.

Easy Integration   Supports all leading enterprise backup and archive software applications – easily integrates into existing infrastructures for consolidated protection across the enterprise.

High-Speed Deduplication   Throughput up to 14.7 TB/hour – more backups can be completed sooner while putting less pressure on limited backup windows.

Network-Efficient Replication   Sends only deduplicated and compressed data across the network – requires a fraction of the bandwidth, time, and cost of traditional replication methods.

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