Data Domain DD140

Deduplication storage appliance for remote office data protection


Backup and recovery of company data at its primary sites typically places high demands on the resources of a company’s IT department. The result is that data protection strategies and execution are neglected at the smaller, remote sites even though information at these remote offices may be as important as that found at the primary data center. A lack of technical resources at remote sites further complicates the problem and recent advances in disk-based backup technologies have done little to provide relief. Though some of these products allow faster backup or slightly longer retention at the remote site, it still creates an “island of backup data” that is too voluminous to replicate to a primary facility for centralized management and disaster recovery purposes.

EMC Data Domain deduplication storage systems have revolutionized disk backup and remote office data protection with high-speed, inline deduplication. Backup data can be reduced in size by an average of 10-30x, so disk backup storage is now cost-effective for long-term onsite retention, and becomes a critical tool for consolidation of backup data across distributed enterprises.


Easy Integration   Supports all leading enterprise backup and archive software applications – easily integrates into existing infrastructures for consolidated protection across the enterprise.

Operational Simplicity   Simple to install and manage, resulting in lower administrative and operational costs.

Multi-Site Consolidation   After local backup, replicates deduplicated data from up to 270 remote sites across existing networks to consolidate backup and recovery of the distributed enterprise.

Safe and Reliable   Continuous recovery verification, fault detection, and healing for end-to-end data integrity.



Network-efficient replication

Protect remote office data by replicating deduplicated data with minimal bandwidth.

High-speed, inline deduplication

Deduplicate backups before storing to disk for extended onsite capacity.

Data Invulnerability Architecture

Ensure data is stored and recoverable with continuous write verification, fault-detection, and self-healing.

Flexible replication topologies

Replicate data from multiple sites for additional deduplication benefits and disaster recovery options.

Centralized management

Reduce administrative costs and simplify data management.

Support for leading backup software

Easily integrate into existing environment regardless of backup software or enterprise applications.

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