Data Domain Archiver

Deduplication storage for long-term retention of backup and archive data


EMC Data Domain Archiver, the industry’s first system for long-term retention of backup and archive data, extends the Data Domain architecture with an internal tiering approach designed to enable cost-effective long-term retention of data on deduplicated disk.

Unlike other archive storage platforms, it offers all the advantages of a traditional Data Domain system in backup throughput and resilience to address long-term backup retention. Unlike other backup platforms, it offers significant optimization for long-term cost efficiency and granular fault-containment and recovery.

DD Archiver enables customers to transition from using backup processes for long-term data retention through the evolving adoption of archiving best practices, while minimizing reliance on tape infrastructure in the data center.


LONG-TERM RETENTION   The first disk-based deduplication storage system built for long-term retention of backup and archive – minimizes the need for tape.

COST-OPTIMIZED   Massive tier of storage behind a single controller – provides up to 28.5 PB of logical capacity, 9.8 TB per hour throughput for efficient, cost-effective long-term retention.

EASY INTEGRATION   Supports all leading enterprise backup and archive software applications – easily integrates into existing infrastructures for consolidated protection across the enterprise.

SAFE AND RELIABLE   Continuous recovery verification, fault detection, self-healing to protect data throughout its lifecycle – fault isolation ensures long-term data access, recoverability.



Up to 28.5 PB of logical capacity behind a single controller

Leverage cost-effective scalability to minimize tape for long-term retention of backup and archive data.

Up to 9.8 TB/hour throughput

Achieve faster backups by removing redundant data before storing to disk via high-speed, inline deduplication.

Built-in fault tolerance

Ensure long-term data access and recoverability and eliminate risks with built-in fault isolation and the EMC Data Domain Data Invulnerability Architecture.

Online archive storage

Ensure long-term retention data is immediately accessible.

Multi-site disaster recovery topologies

Reduce administrative costs and consolidate data management with replication from up to 90 remote sites.

Centralized management

Minimize tape administration costs and simplify data management.

Support for leading backup and archive software

Easily integrate into your existing environment regardless of backup or archive software.

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