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Veritas Cluster Server


Veritas™ Cluster Server is the industry’s leading cross-platform clustering solution for minimizing both planned and unplanned application downtime.  By monitoring applications and automatically moving them to another server in the event of a fault, Cluster Server can dramatically increase the availability of an application or database.  Veritas Cluster Server detects faults in an application and all its dependent components, including the associated database, operating system, network and storage resources.  Through central management tools, automated failover, features to test application recovery plans without disruption, and advanced failover management based on server capacity, Cluster Server allows IT managers to maximize resources by moving beyond reactive recovery to proactive management of application availability.

Key Features

  • Automates database and application failover within a data center or to multiple remote data centers.
  • Supports heterogeneous physical and virtual operating system platforms with out-of-the-box solutions for all major database, application, and storage vendors.
  • Provides comprehensive disaster recovery testing while applications remain on-line.
  • Allows administrators to monitor, manage and report on multiple Veritas clusters on different platforms from a single web-based console.

Key Benefits

  • Ensures availability of mission critical applications and databases during planned and unplanned downtime by monitoring the status of the application and providing fast application failover in the event of an outage or disaster.
  • Reduces training and labor costs, as well as software licensing and support by using the same clustering tool across all physical and virtual operating system platforms.
  • Builds confidence that the recovery plan will work if a disaster were to happen.
  • Increases administrator efficiency through enhanced visualization, automation of common reporting tasks, centralized operational control for global applications, and centralized policy-based notifications.

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