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Veritas Cluster Server for VMware ESX


Veritas Cluster Server for VMware ESX enables organizations to achieve higher levels of availability for their VI3 environments by providing comprehensive availability for the underlying server, virtual machines and the applications running with in those virtual machines. Customers can now simplify and automate disaster recovery through failover of virtual machines locally or between clusters in remote location.

Key Features

  • Manages multiple local and remote clusters in physical and virtual environments across any distance from a single console, regardless of operating system.
  • Monitors the server, application and virtual machine.
  • Automates disaster recovery testing without affecting the production environment.
  • Enables multi-cluster management and reporting.

Key Benefits

  • Offers one tool to build both local and remote clusters for local availability and disaster recovery.
  • Provides overall protection and a higher level of availability for the production applications in a virtualized environment.
  • Builds confidence that the disaster recovery plan will actually work if a true disaster were to happen.
  • Maximizes the benefits of running a virtual environment while allowing administrators to manage a mixed virtual and physical environment just as they would manage a physical environment.

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