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Symantec NetBackup

The end of the dark ages of virtualization


Don’t backup blind-poor visibility will slow you down and cost you money. NetBackup 7, powered by Symantec V-Ray, offers patented visibility into virtual file systems and applications as well as transparent backup and recovery across physical and virtual silos. V-Ray increases IT agility and paves the way for realizing the true savings potential of virtualization.

Key Features

  • Unified physical and virtual backups.
  • Instant single file recovery provides visibility inside of virtual machine backup images.
  • Virtual machine aware deduplication and integrated virtual and physical deduplication.
  • Automatic identification, discovery and protection of all virtual machines as they come online.

Key Benefits

  • Eliminate point tools that only show you half the picture, reducing complexity, unnecessary storage growth, and risk when virtualizing mission critical applications.
  • Recover single files in minutes instead of a manual restore, mount and search shuffle that can take hours or even days.
  • Realize up to 98% deduplication of data, up to 10 times faster backup times and up to 95% reduction in storage requirements.
  • Avoid time-consuming backup administration, unprotected virtual machines and overloading virtual machine hosts.

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