Sunday, 17 February 2019
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Infosec UPS System: 

X2 LCD Touch

500 to 2000 VA


X2 LCD Touch UPS range was designed to protect personal computers and small business IT systems against power supply problems and dangerous electrical disturbances.



Ideal protection


In the event of short or prolonged power cuts, the X2 LCD Touch’s batteries

ensure that your connected hardware continues to be supplied with power for

several minutes enabling applications to be closed and the PC to be turned off.



Effective technology


Equipped with Line Interactive technology and Automatic Voltage Regulation,

X2 LCD Touch ensures your connected devices are supplied with a high quality,

regular current during major fluctuations without using the batteries.



Energy saving functions

  • Green Energy Saver: if none of the loads connected are ON and the UPS switches to battery mode, it will automatically stop after 5 minutes so as not to needless drain battery power (500/700/1000 VA).
  • Automatic battery charge when UPS OFF: the battery automatically recharges when there is mains power and the UPS is OFF. This function ensures that when connected devices are not in use and the UPS is OFF, batteries continue charging.


Designed for ease of use

  • Single ON/OFF switch
  • A Touch LCD screen as well as audible alarms indicate status of the UPS
  • A simple press of the touch screen allows viewing lInput voltage, output voltage, battery capacity, load level and UPS status
  • Cold start feature if no power supply
  • UPS automatic restart when mains power restored

More Details


Datasheet PDF

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